Sierra Leone partner

Fundraising for Partners in Health to help support the reproductive rights of women in Sierra Leone! Donations are being matched x3 today and tomorrow for Giving Tuesday!

2020.11.30 19:29 rollforjustamin Fundraising for Partners in Health to help support the reproductive rights of women in Sierra Leone! Donations are being matched x3 today and tomorrow for Giving Tuesday!

I am the vice-president for my university’s Partners in Health chapter club and we have been individually fundraising to reach a goal of $150 each! I am at $23 and would greatly appreciate any help for the women in Sierra Leone.
A little information:
In Sierra Leone, women have a 1 in 20 lifetime risk of dying from a maternal cause.
Partners In Health (PIH) is a social justice organization driven by the uncompromising belief that everyone, especially those most in need, deserves quality health care. PIH will establish a Maternal Center of Excellence (MCOE) in rural Kono District, Sierra Leone to provide high-quality care to women and families who need it most, build local health capacity for sustained impact, and create a blueprint for scaling proven interventions in women's health around the world.
This cause means so much to me, as I am an environmental public health major and pre-med student. I truly believe healthcare is a fundamental right and I want to help fight for it in any way I can!
Personal fundraising page: PIH Fundraising
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2020.11.22 09:00 dspeyer EA Forum Digest 22 Nov 2020

Needed: Volunteer forecasters for Fish Welfare Initiative

Hello all, Fish Welfare Initiative is looking for one or a couple people who could put in a couple of hours one time to forecast on our likelihood of achieving various goals by various dates. The idea is that this will provide additional external feedback which will help us set better calibrated goals (so goals that are probably in the 30-60% likelihood of achieving them).(This is something new we're trying out, so would also love to hear if anyone has previous experience or insight into using forecasting to shape organizational goals and plans.)
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AGI Predictions

I recommend this LessWrong post that lets you make public predictions about various questions related to AI safety and AI timelines, and to see existing predictions by other users.

Interrogating Impact

During an in-depth conversation on positive impact, I learned that I have unnuanced and overconfident tendencies about what positive impact means. In particular, I had baked naive EA thinking into the definition of impact without adding the appropriate level of nuance to the mixture. In the following, I'll share an embarrassingly unfiltered account of the thinking process I went through as I worry it may be true for others as well.

As an EA I think, talk, and care a lot about having positive impact. But what is positive impact really, and how do I assess it when the rubber hits the road?
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Persuasion Tools: AI takeover without AGI or agency?

[epistemic status: speculation]Crossposted from LessWrong
I'm envisioning that in the future there will also be systems where you can input any conclusion that you want to argue (including moral conclusions) and the target audience, and the system will give you the most convincing arguments for it. At that point people won't be able to participate in any online (or offline for that matter) discussions without risking their object-level values being hijacked.
--Wei Dai
What if most people already live in that world? A world in which taking arguments at face value is not a capacity-enhancing tool, but a security vulnerability? Without trusted filters, would they not dismiss highfalutin arguments out of hand, and focus on whether the person making the argument seems friendly, or unfriendly, using hard to fake group-affiliation signals?
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The effect of cash transfers on subjective well-being and mental health

This is a cross-post that summarises a new working paper from the Happier Lives Institute, The impact of cash transfers on subjective well-being and mental health in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis, by Joel McGuire, Anders Malthe Bach-Mortensen and Caspar Kaiser.
We know cash transfers reduce poverty, improve health and enhance education but what impact do they have on how people feel and think about their lives? Or, to ask a familiar question: does money make people happy? The literature on the link between income and subjective well-being has long lacked causal evidence - there is lots of correlational research. Luckily, there has been recent research using cash transfers in low and middle-income countries. We reviewed this evidence in a meta-analysis. We find, in short, that cash transfers have a small, positive effect on subjective well-being, one that lasts for several years.
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What good are you doing today?

I really feel at home inside the EA Forum, and so I feel comfortable admitting I am anxious that I’m not doing enough good. Today, I got confirmation that I will be a paid participant in a clinical research trial in Sydney, Australia. I plan to donate the 2500$ to Partners in Health Sierra Leone after being inspired by John Green’s recent vlogbrothers video. As good as this is, I want to get more people involved. Most of my friends, family and business associates don’t see the nameless, faceless people desperate for support, but I go to sleep and wake up thinking about them. The 16000 who died today from malnutrition and as many will die tomorrow from malnutrition alone. I can’t stop thinking about what the clinic receptionist said when I told them my plans. The receptionist said, “No one’s donated their money before.” That was shocking to hear. Aside from the potential to ask the receptionist for money for my unique act of heroism (haha), I am a bit deflated altruism is the exception. I think if there’s any platform to make altruism the standard, it would be here. So, I hope I’ve inspired you to think outside the box with how you can do more good!
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2020.10.30 20:37 HealthEconBot Men’s Experiences of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Sierra Leone: Reexamining Definitions of “Male Partner Involvement”

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2020.10.28 21:00 AFMONZAR1579 UNICEF poll: More than a third of young people in 30 countries report being a victim of online bullying

UNICEF poll: More than a third of young people in 30 countries report being a victim of online bullying
One in three young people in 30 countries said they have been a victim of online bullying, with one in five reporting having skipped school due to cyberbullying and violence, in a new poll released today by UNICEF and the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on Violence against Children.
Speaking out anonymously through the youth engagement tool U-Report, almost three-quarters of young people also said social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, are the most common place for online bullying.
“Connected classrooms mean school no longer ends once a student leaves class, and, unfortunately, neither does schoolyard bullying,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “Improving young people’s education experience means accounting for the environment they encounter online as well as offline.”
Through the poll, young people were asked via SMS and instant messaging technology a series of questions relating to their experiences of online bullying and violence, where it most frequently happens, and who they think is responsible for ending it. Some 32 per cent of those polled believe governments should be responsible for ending cyberbullying, 31 per cent said young people and 29 per cent said internet companies.
“One of the key messages that we can clearly see from their opinions is the need for children and young people involvement and partnering: When asked who should be responsible for ending cyberbullying, the opinions were equally divided between governments, internet service providers (private sector) and young people themselves,” said Najat Maalla Mjid, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on Violence against Children. “We are in this together and we must share the responsibility in partnership.”
More than 170,000 U-Reporters aged 13-24 years old participated in the poll including young people from Albania, Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, France, Gambia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jamaica, Kosovo, Liberia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nigeria, Romania, Sierra Leone, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.
The poll results challenge the notion that cyberbullying among classmates is a uniquely high-income issue. For example, 34 per cent of respondents in sub-Saharan Africa said they had been a victim of online bullying. Some 39 per cent said they knew about private online groups inside the school community where children share information about peers for the purpose of bullying.
As part of UNICEF’s campaign to #ENDviolence in and around schools, children and young people from around the world drafted an #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto in 2018, calling on governments, teachers, parents and each other to help end violence and ensure students feel safe in and around school – including calling for protection online.
“All over the world, young people– in both high and low-income countries – are telling us that they are being bullied online, that it is affecting their education, and that they want it to stop,” said Fore. “As we mark the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we must ensure children’s rights are at the forefront of digital safety and protection policies.”
To end online bullying and violence in and around schools, UNICEF and partners are calling for urgent action from all sectors in the following areas:
  • Implementation of policies to protect children and young people from cyberbullying and bullying.
  • Establishment and equipment of national helplines to support children and young people.
  • Advancement of ethical standards and practices of social network providers specifically in regards to the collection, information and management of data.
  • Collection of better, disaggregated evidence about children and young people’s online behaviour to inform policy and guidance.
  • Training for teachers and parents to prevent and respond to cyberbullying and bullying, particularly for vulnerable groups.
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2020.10.24 17:03 ARichTeaBiscuit ARichTeaBiscuit updates her blog

In the course of Ministers Questions, the member for Essex made some rather interesting claims about the usefulness in the Diego Garcia military facility from assisting in the security of the Middle East (including Iran) and to combating against piracy and providing a valuable front against China.
It is interesting because the United Kingdom already possesses overseas military bases that do these individual tasks far more efficiently compared to Diego Garcia and without being present on land that was stolen from the native population.
In terms of assisting our friends in Africa, the United Kingdom has military facilities in both Kenya and Sierra Leone that provide a valuable front in the war against terror and a key training location for our forces.
As for operations in the Middle East and a front for anti-piracy operations the United Kingdom has facilities in Oman, Qatar and Bahrain for such purposes with the latter facility being home to HMS Montrose which was deployed during previous tensions between the U.K. and Iran and is in a strategic location to protect shipping.
Furthermore as I have mentioned previously the British Defence Singapore Support Unit maintained as part of our Five Power Defence Arrangements is more than prepared to provide a strong base of operations against Chinese aggression, especially if it receives modernisation and expansion as part of the government's promoted investment in the armed forces.
Even the strategic use of the Diego Garcia base to assist India is questionable as the prudent response to such a situation is to ask why hasn’t the government inquired as to the feasibility of establishing a joint-base in India? If the government is committed to the continuation of the D12 alliance with India as a member then it would make logical sense for the U.K. to establish closer defence ties with India, especially as the Indian government has showcased a willingness to engage in logistical cooperation deals which would greatly extend the capability of our forces in that region.
It is quite clear that the Member for Essex has no idea what they are talking about when they are speaking on our strategic capabilities, and instead of showcasing a reason for our continued presence in Diego Garcia they’ve instead accidentally put forward a path that could see our occupation of the territory cease within the next few years.
I therefore hope that the government start working with Singapore and other partners such as India and Bahrain to increase the capability of our overseas bases in that region so that our missions will be enhanced by recent investments in our armed forces, and so that we can start our withdrawal from Diego Garcia as quickly as possible.
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2020.10.21 05:30 Erhard_Eckmann [Econ] Birth of the Marshall Plan

Birth of the Marshall Plan

For several years, China has advanced its international agenda to groom a network of puppet states to defend its domestic and military policies through the Belt and Road Initiative. This has upset the global order not in favor of democracies, and certainly not in favor of the United States. While America has sat back on its rear for some time dealing with domestic issues in a proper fallen empire fashion, much like what was seen in the Roaring 20's, the United States and its people started becoming more politically conscious about international events. In the time they had spent burning through cash and setting up a high-quality of both economic and social life, China has expanded its influence considerably into South East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It wasn't until near 2020, when many of these projects had already begun that some issues began to surface in the project itself.
Developing Nations and Financial Collateral
Often memed as "debt-trap diplomacy," some issues had begun to shine through the surface of the Belt and Road Initiative. Nations that thought the grass would be greener on the other side began to realize what mistakes they had brought themselves into. Firstly, there are two reasons that China's BRI has been called debt-trap diplomacy. To start, it must be understood how BRI negotiations work. There really is no "big evil China" trick to negotiations, and they are mostly secret. However, during these negotiations, which are always done bilaterally between China and the opposite nation, the terms of the debt are discussed. Every interest rate is unique, and so is every loan. The issue is, China is inflating the international aid market with "defaulting bubbles." China is not really interested in what the credit reputation of the receiving nation is, they aren't even interested if the nation can actually pay back the loans in the first place, in fact- China believes that the less that they are repaid, the better. This is because if the nations default on their loans, or decide not to pay them back, the negotiated debt sustainability is in their favor. What this means is, if a nation defaults on its loan or does not pay, China will take its assets as collateral, particularly, the ones made by China. Where did we see this happen? Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port in Sri Lanka, is a great example. When the government discovered they could not cover the loans from China, the Chinese government moved in and capitalized the asset with China Merchant Port Holdings, and seized it for 99 years, which has since then also been used by the People's Liberation Army Navy against the wishes of Sri Lanka. This has sparked fears in many countries that their governments may have been bullied China to take a deal their hopelessly have no chance of repaying, only waiting for China to move it and take their brand-new assets for themselves. In fact, the World Bank has determined that 28% of all Belt and Road members are likely to experience significant medium-term debt vulnerability to China. Another 37% of participating nations will suffer a long-term debt crisis via a debt-to-GDP ratio imbalance from financing (this was determined by a debt-to-gdp increase of 50% or greater).
Failed Projects and the Expenses of Land Trade
Since then, as fears have swelled across nations, hundreds of Belt and Road projects began to cancel. For example, Pakistan's $2 Bn coal plant, canceled, Kyauk Pyu deepwater port in Myanmar, significantly scaled back, Sierra Leone's $400 Mn brand new airport, canceled, Oman's $10 Bn brand new industrial city, a chain-link fence containing a wasteland. While these are only just some of the failed projects that were canceled or scaled down by their leaders over financial concerns with China, perhaps the least profitable "failed project" China ever conducted, was one that actually completed.
Enter, the Khorgos Gateway. The Khorgos Gateway, to China's credit, was actually completed, it was just not profitable, which is where China realized its projects would never live up to its dreams. Khorgos Eastern Gate SEZ is supposed to be a dry-port connecting China to Kazakhstan's railways via a dry port in the once empty stretch of desert between mountains is filled with cranes to lift cargo from Chinese trains and load them on to Kazakhstan's Russian gauge trains. It began running in 2015 as part of the New Silk Road project to connect Europe and China together through an overland trade corridor of railroads and roads. The project has given Kazakhstan some impressive growth, and trade has increased over that border by 44%, however, land trade is a very small piece of the total global trade when compared to both boat and air because they are both cheaper, faster, and more reliable than rail trade. Additionally, much of the trade that occurs between Europe and China via rail is completely fraudulent, with empty crates returning to China, and goods being stolen from the cars and arriving empty in Europe.
Birth of an American alternative - The Marshall Plan
President Biden has been floating the idea of a Belt and Road Initiative counter project for a few years, and the Republicans have been thinking of ways to do so for the good part of a decade. Now a mutually bi-partisan effort after the effects of the Belt and Road have been felt worldwide, both good and bad, the United States has an overwhelming mountain of economic evidence stating that African and Asian countries will be in significant trouble if they are not helped. To counter the growing Chinese influence, and give a good reputation to international investment and aid projects, President Biden has proposed a joint-project between the US International Development Finance Corporation and the US Agency for International Development to create an initiative called the "Marshall Plan" as the official name- in ode to the original European Recovery Program after the 2nd World War, and also unofficially known as the Marshall Plan. The new Marshall Plan is proposing to provide an aid-based investment economic and educational project between the United States and partner nations.
In the outline of this plan, the US repayment policy will be based on long-term minority joint-partnerships, and will be entirely loan free. Long-term minority joint partnerships mean that the United States will make partnerships between American firms and foreign nations and their firms, and will subsidize American firms to invest in the foreign country and their project. These American companies will take a minority partnership roll of less than 50%, so that the host nation will benefit greatly from the project. So the subsidies can be repaid, these will be long-term joint-partnerships, anywhere between 10 and 15 years. And once the 15 years are up, the local businesses, workers, and the government will have received technical expertise and educational skills from American businesses to operate on their own, where the US companies will liquidate their assets back to the host country and turn over the entire ownership for the host nation to profit. The long-term period exists so the US companies can recoup their investment to cover the federal subsidies, which also helps the United States make some profit on the projects, and increases partnership between the two countries.
USAID and USIDFC have approved the project, and are currently working with Congress to work out long-term budgeting plans for the project, as well as potential target nations to assist. It is unknown how long this plan might take to materialize, however Congressional and Presidential negotiations are currently underway to iron out the process of the new Marshall Plan.
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2020.10.14 19:20 pibegardel Partners In Health documentary coming to Netflix on October 22

Hey all, Netflix is getting a documentary about Partners in Health (for those that are new here John and Hank are heavily involved with the organization) on October 22nd. I'll copy/paste the text of the PIH email below (LINK to the documentary's website):
As a member of the team working to radically reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone, you're an essential part of our shared work. That's why I wanted to tell you the news first: Bending the Arc is coming to Netflix on October 22.
On the surface, this inspiring, universally acclaimed documentary tells the story of Partners In Health's early years and the global movement for genuine health justice. But at its core, this is a story about hope in the face of overwhelming illness, and the possibilities that emerge when we reject despair and cynicism.
This streaming premiere is the very first time Bending the Arc will be widely available for viewing around the world, and it couldn't have come at a more important moment.
As we fight the coronavirus pandemic together, this film is a chance to see that with empathy and an unshakable commitment to justice, humanity can prevail over disease and inequity.
Thank you for your committed partnership. The effort to end maternal mortality that you're supporting is a direct successor to the events of this film and the early decades of Partners In Health.
Will you share this news with your networks? We hope that those who view this film might join our movement as you have.
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2020.09.25 19:41 derApfel44 [Hiring] Android Engineer - Macro-Eyes Health · Seattle, WA

Groundbreaking AI for situational awareness.
macro-eyes deploys AI in some of the most challenging environments in the world.
macro-eyes is the AI company with the mandate to make critical infrastructure predictive the world over, saving lives and extending the impact of scarce resources.
In settings with no individual health data available, macro-eyes predicts with near 80% accuracy which child will drop out of routine immunization programs – and core AI is generalizable to new health scenarios and across geographies. macro-eyes is able to generate geo-specific and hyper-specific population insight using predictive features machine learned from satellite imagery and publicly available data.
In settings without network, macro-eyes AI runs on commodity mobile devices, counting and identifying health commodities and vaccines when users snap an image with their phones, so that governments understand what is being used where – and what supplies to send next.
The Department of Defense of the United States has tasked macro-eyes with demonstrating that machine learning experience in global healthcare can be expanded to new domains with limited data, high uncertainty, and the need for precision functionality. In keeping with DoD's prior technological innovations now in broad use - the Internet, GPS, LIDAR, and the list goes on - our work together will address to-date unsolved problems that will ultimately bring critical, data-driven infrastructure to millions of people.
What You Will Do:
You will focus on innovation that strives to extend the capabilities of machine and human perception to solve a problem extremely challenging for people or AI to do alone. As an Android Engineer at macro-eyes, build and deploy machine learning systems - on device - that learn from sensed surroundings and learn from what experts in the field see and understand. Put your code to the test. You will create transformative technology the world has not yet seen; and what you build will have impact beyond the DoD, adapted for healthcare the world over, to preserve scarce resources and to save lives.
Who You Are:
You are a problem solver. You’ve built and shipped at least 1 Android app; you’ve actively used and understand all sensors on the newest Android devices.
How You Will Create Impact:
Learn and grow with a world-class machine learning and engineering team, led by MIT faculty and advised by renowned technologists, scientists and experts in machine learning, human-computer interaction, healthcare and global affairs. macro-eyes has a mandate to deliver significant social impact and global presence. macro-eyes is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, USAID, and the US Department of Defense and has partnered with safety-net health facilities across the US, UNICEF, Stanford Medicine, the Government of Tanzania, and the Government of Sierra Leone.
Learn more about this role and apply here
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2020.09.25 19:40 derApfel44 [Hiring] Android Engineer - Macro-Eyes Health · Seattle, WA

Groundbreaking AI for situational awareness.
macro-eyes deploys AI in some of the most challenging environments in the world.
macro-eyes is the AI company with the mandate to make critical infrastructure predictive the world over, saving lives and extending the impact of scarce resources.
In settings with no individual health data available, macro-eyes predicts with near 80% accuracy which child will drop out of routine immunization programs – and core AI is generalizable to new health scenarios and across geographies. macro-eyes is able to generate geo-specific and hyper-specific population insight using predictive features machine learned from satellite imagery and publicly available data.
In settings without network, macro-eyes AI runs on commodity mobile devices, counting and identifying health commodities and vaccines when users snap an image with their phones, so that governments understand what is being used where – and what supplies to send next.
The Department of Defense of the United States has tasked macro-eyes with demonstrating that machine learning experience in global healthcare can be expanded to new domains with limited data, high uncertainty, and the need for precision functionality. In keeping with DoD's prior technological innovations now in broad use - the Internet, GPS, LIDAR, and the list goes on - our work together will address to-date unsolved problems that will ultimately bring critical, data-driven infrastructure to millions of people.
What You Will Do:
You will focus on innovation that strives to extend the capabilities of machine and human perception to solve a problem extremely challenging for people or AI to do alone. As an Android Engineer at macro-eyes, build and deploy machine learning systems - on device - that learn from sensed surroundings and learn from what experts in the field see and understand. Put your code to the test. You will create transformative technology the world has not yet seen; and what you build will have impact beyond the DoD, adapted for healthcare the world over, to preserve scarce resources and to save lives.
Who You Are:
You are a problem solver. You’ve built and shipped at least 1 Android app; you’ve actively used and understand all sensors on the newest Android devices.
How You Will Create Impact:
Learn and grow with a world-class machine learning and engineering team, led by MIT faculty and advised by renowned technologists, scientists and experts in machine learning, human-computer interaction, healthcare and global affairs. macro-eyes has a mandate to deliver significant social impact and global presence. macro-eyes is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, USAID, and the US Department of Defense and has partnered with safety-net health facilities across the US, UNICEF, Stanford Medicine, the Government of Tanzania, and the Government of Sierra Leone.
Learn more about this role and apply here
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2020.09.20 11:55 secretymology TIL 10 (Maybe True) Things About William Wilberforce and UK Abolitionism.

1) Slavery ended only when it was economically convenient for the bankers
“By that time the Industrial Revolution was already in full gear, and now that hoards of “freed” slaves were suddenly kicked out on the street with little to no means or support, the factory lines were ready to receive them with open arms – as well as all the poor whites. And who owned all the factories? The same wealthy capitalists who financed the Civil War. They merely shifted the blacks from plantation slavery to wage slavery. And now that they had suddenly flooded the labor market with uneducated, unemployed workers, they could pay them pittance and thus drive down wages across the board, hurting the poor white workers as well.”
”In the 1940s, the role of Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect in abolition was downplayed by historian Eric Williams, who argued that abolition was motivated not by humanitarianism but by economics, as the West Indian sugar industry was in decline.”
2) Slave-owners and their creditors (bankers such as Rothschild, Montefiore etc) were handsomely compensated (with interest!) for their resultant losses by U.K. taxpayers. The slaves themselves? Not so much. Perhaps it is directly to the bankers that the descendants of slaves - black and white - should turn for reparations.
3) Both the French-English wars and the slavery “compensation” act were financed by the Rothschilds/Montefiores and promoted heavily by members of Parliament who all happened to be related to each other. I’m sure these had no bearing on each other and the Rothschild finance was of course interest-free.
4) William Wilberforce (credited as the man behind UK abolitionism) was most likely a high-born, but definitely dissolute youth who bought his way into politics at the age of 21, while still at university.
“Wikipedia relays that he spent “over £8,000, as was the custom of the time, to ensure he received the necessary votes.” Sounds a lot like buying your way into government, doesn’t it? But it was the custom of the time, you say; he was just following procedure. Yes, the custom of the time was to buy your way into Parliament, just as it’s the custom today.”
5) Wilberforce had a midlife religious conversion, apparently renouncing his wild youth, and went on to become a highly moralistic crusader and philanthropist. He established the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Society for the Suppression of Vice. Many of his projects however were not as altruistic as claimed:
”One of these “philanthropic causes” was the Sierra Leone Company, founded with the help of their friend Granville Sharp (descendant of the Granvilles, Earls of Bath). Its purpose was to resettle blacks from Nova Scotia who the U.S. had kicked out for fighting for Britain in the Revolutionary War. But the Sierra Leone Company was not a charity; it was a for-profit venture and that profit came through land taxes, something the Nova Scotian blacks were promised would not be levied on them. That means it was little more than a British colonialist project cloaked in lofty moral overtones.”
6) Later, writer and clergyman Sydney Smith criticized Wilberforce for being more interested in the sins of the poor than those of the rich, and suggested that a better name would have been the Society for “suppressing the vices of persons whose income does not exceed £500 per annum”
7) The radical writer William Cobbett was among those who attacked what they saw as Wilberforce’s hypocrisy in campaigning for better working conditions for slaves while British workers lived as slaves in terrible conditions at home and, worse, in the colonies.
8) He supported the suspension of habeas corpus in 1795 and voted for Prime Minister William Pitt’s “Gagging Bills”, which banned meetings of more than 50 people and gave government the power to prosecute speakers who criticized the law. He later supported the Six Acts, which further limited public meetings and so-called “seditious” writings. He also opposed giving workers the right to organize into unions.
9) Another, less-known cause championed by the newly converted Wilberforce was Christian Zionism. In fact, we learn at the Friends of Israel website that Wilberforce was the first vice president of the London Jews’ Society, founded in 1909. Now, why would Wilberforce feel the need to help teach Christians about their Jewish roots? As for Zionism, it has always been a strictly globalist ideology, created by international finance to serve its own interests.
10) Both Wilberforce’s great-uncle Robert and his cousin Samuel were directors of the Bank of England, and his other cousin Henry, with whom Wilberforce was very close, was a partner in Down, Thornton, and Free, one of the city’s largest banking firms. Henry Thornton “has been described as the father of the modern central bank.
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2020.09.13 20:08 apersello34 Gold to whoever, by the end of the day, donates the largest amount to any charity of their choice.

You must post proof as well, such as a screenshot of the receipt with today’s date and your username.
Edit: If there ends up being 5 or more donations, I’ll make it a Platinum
Edit 2: To get this started, I’ll also give gold to the first person who donates.
Edit 3: Just to clarify, I made this post at about 3:00 pm EST, so the challenge will close tomorrow 9/14, 3:00 pm EST.
Edit 4: To keep people encouraged, I’ll also give gold to the next three people to donate. And, any donations above 100$ will receive platinum (I’ll give out up to 3 platinums because I’m poor).
Edit 5: It's so great to see 76$ raised already, I hope to see more! I'm going to bed now, and I'll continue the gilding when I wake up, so keep the donations going!
Edit 6: The Challenge is now closed. Thanks again for the donations! The winner of the challenge is u/purpleplatapi for their 50$ donation to Partners in Health Sierra Leone!
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2020.09.11 11:09 Diotoiren [DIPLOMACY] The boogeyman cometh

The Union of Laurentia - African Nations

Sent privately to all countries (together)
As it would appear evident, Alkebulan stands for more than just the uniting of Africa, Alkebulan stands for the ethnic destruction of local African culture in favor for something that is distinctly African-Supremacy in nature. But this African Supremacy movement is nothing more than a fancy way of proclaiming Fascism, one need not look beyond their flag to understand that for all intents and purposes the nation of Alkebulan has broad-spectrum copied the works of previous fascist states.
Furthermore it is clear that Alkebulan is on the path of African Imperialism, with its blatant disregard for local cultures they have already moved and colonized many neighboring countries while claiming "equality" which in reality means the destruction of local culture in favor of the broader Alkebulan movement. They have effectively coopted the African Union movement in order to "claim" broad level unity which justifies their off-base expansion of the continent.
Naturally it is only time that prevents the ascension of your country - by force if necessary into the fascist state of Alkebulan. This is obviously not a fate wished upon any nation as Alkebulan has spent more time attempting to gain biological and nuclear weapons to further oppress their neighboring countries instead of attempting to heal the African economy.
These programs (which we have revealed to you) would have been used against your nation - as leverage and as threats to force you and your people into joining this fascist state that has proven to be the case time and time again. We cannot stress enough the fact that your independence as sovereign states is now at risk because of the actions of Alkebulan which is nothing more than a Chinese puppet state.
Of course we could offer to simply take each country under our wing as a bilateral partner, but this relationship would be no different from the one shared by China and Alkebulan, which is why we come with a different proposal.
We recommend the formation and signing of an alliance of Free States, perhaps the West African (or African) Free States Alliance which would stress the importance of African unity while still remaining a strong message against the Alkebulan fascist regime. This Free State Alliance would combined receive the full support from the Union of Laurentia - creating a strong yet relatively equal relationship between our nation and the collective free states. Additionally we would naturally come to a defense arrangement between Laurentia and the African Free States, alongside massive investment from the largest economy in the world (Laurentia).
This Free State Alliance would in effect allow each of your nations to continue fighting for prosperity while not having to give up the important and unique cultures of your local tribes and peoples. And would provide collective security through an equal relationship with Laurentia as it relates not only to Alkebulan but also to the other major actors on the continent, including Brazil, Azania, and China. The strengthening of the African Free States could also one day come to be extended to other nations on the continent once consolidation and security is ensured in the core alliance.
Of course such an agreement would come with joint basing, investment, training, and military cooperation along with the encouragement of civilian investment and the increasing of foreign aid.
We hope that all nations can agree that this is the reasonable path forward, although will continue to back any future alliance of this kind regardless of who is a member or not.
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2020.08.12 23:16 Cnf21 The United Nations Challenge Part 8

Hello again, here is the second half of the fourth season within this challenge. We have an ex-premier league wonderkid coming in next season who will be revealed in part 9 that I'm pretty excited for. Before we get there though, we have massive cup games to talk about as we push towards gaining promotion to the promised land, the premier league. Here are the ins and outs for January, again not revealing the pre-contract arrivals till next season.
Part 7

Ins Outs
Henry Vaca (Troyes) - £2.8m Hallur Hansson (Philadelphia) - £1.05m
Zarek Valentin (Houston Dynamo) - 600k Joevin Jones (Portland Timbers) - £1.6m
Moctar El Hacen (Real Valladolid) - £8m Jonathan Tamimi (Seattle Sounders) - 620k
Karol Mets (Anderlecht) - £5m
Yarid Abetew (Avai) - 310k
Serhat Tasdemir (Cracovia) - 760k
Player Count: 55/159
January - First leg of league cup semi final was the first game of 2023 for Crewe, against Spurs. A howler from Bonet gifts Sissoko a goal early on in the game. However, a depleted spurs defence couldn’t contain Semple, who earned a brace! Semple managed to bag a hat trick against Preston, who were hammered 7-3 by the railwaymen. FA Cup duties were next for a trip to Old Trafford. Crewe couldn't pull off an upset and it finished 2-1 to Man United, with Fernandes and Hakimi scoring. Mhango scored a consolation late on but it wasn't enough. Up next was the away trip to Spurs for the 2nd leg of the League Cup semis. Against all odds, The Railwaymen are up 2-0 in the first half, with goals from Eisa and Semple putting the tie almost out of reach! Kane got a goal back but another goal from Eisa put the tie to bed. CREWE ARE IN THE LEAGUE CUP FINAL!!! Michael Higdon's side finished the month with a shock 2-0 loss to Hull. There were also 3-2 and 3-1 away wins at Blackburn and QPR, respectively.
February - Crewe can’t buy a win, with draws against Sunderland and Derby. To make matters worse, Bundu breaks his ankle and is out for 7 weeks. Middlesbrough are now breathing down Crewe’s neck but were put back in their place with Higdon’s side the 3-1 winners. LEAGUE CUP FINAL vs Man City. Could the Railwaymen rise to the challenge against the best team in the country? Absolutely. Suslov, the deserved MOTM, tore through the City defence from a Semple pass to put Crewe ahead. 20 minutes later the two combined again with Suslov the provider this time. 2-0 at half time! City huffed and puffed but a determined Bonet held firm for a clean sheet and Crewe win the League Cup!!!
March - The Railwaymen start the month 10 points behind Bournemouth and 13 points behind villa, ahead of Middlesbrough by 3 points, with a game in hand. Can Crewe make up the ground? The first 3 games of the season were smashing past Cardiff with no reply, grinding out a 1-0 victory against Barnsley and a depleted Crewe grabbing a vital 2-0 win at Brentford. Next though was a huge game at home to Villa. Despite Villa abusing the offside trap to nullify Semple, Eisa broke through the defence to score the only goal of the game for Michael Higdon’s men! The rescheduled West Brom game followed, with a depleted Crewe side again picking up the win. A hard fought win at Huddersfield give The Railwaymen a 100% record for this month.
April - Crewe have the chance to reignite the promotion race with Bournemouth and Villa if they beat Bournemouth in the first game of the month. A physical, end-to-end game ensued, leaving all fans pulses racing. The Railwaymen, fighting for promotion, take the lead in the 2nd half through that man again, Semple! Bournemouth kept fighting but instead of equalising, they were caught on the break with Eisa scoring Crewe’s second! The game finished 2-0, there are now 4 points between 3rd placed Crewe and 1st placed Bournemouth with villa and Bournemouth against each other at the end of the month. “The Glassman” Bundu is now out for the season, breaking his collarbone in a 3-0 victory against Charlton. Leeds almost pulled off a massive win, however Crewe battled hard to pick up a 3-2 win. The month finished with a hard fought 2-1 home win against Millwall and a big 4-1 away win against Reading.
May - One game left of the season and it’s Bristol City at home. Villa are top on 113 points, Bournemouth and Crewe on 112 points (and I need to simulate using my rules). Bournemouth are ahead by seven goals. The railwaymen win 2-0 with goals from Suslov and Eisa but it wasn’t enough. Routine 3-0 wins for Aston Villa and Bournemouth mean they are automatically promoted and Crewe have to go through the playoffs, with Norwich awaiting. James-Wildin got in the TOTS though! First leg at Carrow road and it was a complete demolition of Norwich, with Eisa running riot with a hat-trick. Semple and Vaca added goals to give Michael Higdon’s side a resounding 5-0 victory, coasting to the playoff final. The second leg finished 2-1 to Norwich with a half strength team but Crewe are through to the final to face... Preston. The team that Crewe have put 13 goals past in 2 games. Preston are massive underdogs to Crewe, who haven’t lost at Wembley every time they’ve been there under Michael Higdon. It was a bit anti-climatic as Crewe had a huge 5-1 victory in the final. The party started once Vaca slotted home a penalty, before Eisa bagged one. Semple made it 3-0 before half time. Semple got his second and third in the second half, with Preston grabbing at consolation. THE RAILWAYMEN ARE IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE.
The Team:
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2020.08.06 19:09 PrisonTattoos Perhaps a beautifully foolish idea for Dear Hank and John

So my sister and I are both longtime listeners to the pod and after the most recent episode we were talking about how much joy both Hank and John’s accents brought us. She mentioned that it would be amazing if there was a pod where Hank spoke only in his British accent and John spoke only in his Southern accent. I thought that this could be a good opportunity to not only bring some joy to other listeners of the pod but also potentially decrease some world suck.
My idea is that Hank and John record a one off episode of the pod where they only speaK in their British and Southern accents and release it as either a project for awesome perk or maybe as a something you can access if you donate to partners in health to help the project in Sierra Leone.
Anyways I emailed my idea to them but I know they receive so many emails that it is likely it could get lost in the mix. I’m posting this because I was hoping there may be a few fellow nerdfighters who also think this would be a fun idea and would be down to email them about it as well! Just thought that this could be a cool way for us as a community to maybe raise some money to make a positive impact and also get a fun pod episode at the same time!
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2020.06.10 03:53 skiddlybop96 URGENT NEED FOR COVID-19 REAL TIME TEST KITS

Not sure if this is the correct place to go to ask for help... but I am really lost here.
I serve on the board of a Non-Profit called Pan-African Rural Health and Social Services (PRHeSS). Our board of directors is based out of Chicago, IL, and we own and operate a hospital in Sierra Leone, Africa. Our hospital in Sierra Leone is one of the main healthcare centers providing aid to the country for COVID-19. The district we serve has about 300,000 people in it.
We are working with limited resources, and a state side volunteer board of 8 people. We are trying to mobilize a rapid response effort to COVID-19 at our hospital in S.L., as cases continue to climb in the region. We have a grant pipelining, thanks to our partners at Rotary International, that will pay for real time test kits to ship to our hospital. I am trying to get information on what companies have these test kits for sale, and how to go about getting in contact with them.
I've reached out to the CDC, and they basically hung up on me, and also tried calling LabCorp. A LabCorp sales rep is supposed to call me back, but not sure when that will actually happen. Hoping that the fine people of Reddit can help point me in the right direction, or provide some resources for procuring test kits. Please link resources.
Your advice will help thousands stay healthy and safe!
For more information on our organization, please visit

Thank you all! Stay safe!
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2020.06.06 23:49 Erhard_Eckmann [Diplomacy] New Westbound Policy Pt 5. - Africa III

New Westbound Policy Pt 5. - Africa III

Second Africa Tour; September 2031
Series of high-profile state visits, widely televised, and discussions documented- Open Diplomacy
Upon returning from a brief Middle East tour, President Lim returned to Africa. This time, the Republic of Taiwan set its sights on the members of ECOWAS, and other close regional partners. Specifically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs named the members of ECOWAS; São Tomé and Príncipe, Mauritania, and Angola. Fortunately, one of Taiwan's closest partners is Nigeria, the honorary head of ECOWAS, and President Lim took to the graces of Nigeria to use it as a staging point to gain recognition from ECOWAS members. Air Force 3701, a 747-8 departed from Taoyuan International Airport in early September, stopped briefly at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar for refueling, and landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Nigeria.


President Abiodun Olujimi has been thanked by the Republic of Taiwan for their consistent support, abiding by the principles of democracy, and liberty. President Lim has asked President Olujimi to invite the Republic of Taiwan to speak to the member states of ECOWAS about Taiwan's quest for international recognition. President Lim believes that under the approval of Nigeria, the other ECOWAS member states will likely follow suit. However, first, Taiwan would like to have private negotiations with Nigeria.
President Lim has stated he is very aware that Nigeria is seeking to boost its naval presence, specifically with the commissioning of a Mistral class LPD. Increasing Nigeria's naval capacity to protect its sailors, trade, and regional influence has been key to Nigeria's rise to regional economic dominance. Under two very keen leaderships, Nigeria and Taiwan have seen their economies rise neck-in-neck with each other, as both nations prepare to cross the $1 Tn threshold. President Lim has proposed complementing the Mistral class LPD with a submersible escort. Taiwan has been mass producing the Hualien class SSK for years of acquiring key stealth and combined systems technologies from the United States. Despite no clear immediate need or threat to Nigeria that would require submarines, should a need rise; if Nigeria chooses the Hualien SSK, they will be very prepared with an already sizable defense fleet. Pointing out further, South Africa already has a growing fleet of submarines. One submarine would cost $350 Mn, however; Taiwan is willing to cover part of the price tag due to the introduction to a new market if Nigeria accepts that would bring Nigeria's payable down to $300 Mn.
While on the topic of defense, the Republic of Taiwan is interested in an Nigeria-Taiwan Officer Development Program with Nigeria that would allow up to 150 officer candidates to spend a year in the armed forces of the reciprocating nation. These officers would be attending the other nation's central military academy, in Taiwan's case- the Whampoa Military Academy. This would create an environment for closer relations not just at economic levels as typical, but escalating it to defense levels as well. For Taiwan, it would open the eyes of the armed forces to the wider world, giving them experience in some of Nigeria's deserts and jungles that are very foreign to Taiwan's Self-Defense Force. Currently, a flagship program exists between Taiwan and Qatar only, called the Qatar-Taiwan Officer Development Program. Although Taiwan has only committed its Ministry of National Defense to self-defense only, that includes close friends and allies of the Republic of Taiwan, and giving our soldiers experience with a broad range of nations and climates will increase cross-cultural communications, decrease racial tensions, and develop good experiences for the individual soldiers.


President Lim has asked the member states of ECOWAS, on behalf of Nigeria to give a short statement to the Parliament in effort to appeal to these members; in an effort of recognition of the Republic of Taiwan:
"Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo; I would like to thank all of you for the humble invitation to the Community Parliament to speak on behalf of my nation; the Republic of Taiwan. Just like the many nations of Africa, Taiwan is a place of diverse peoples, diverse languages, and a diverse history. While the peoples of ECOWAS and Taiwan might look different, in many ways we are very much the same. Taiwan and the members of ECOWAS understand what it means to unwillingly serve someone else. For years Taiwan was under Qing occupation, Japanese occupation, ROC occupation; and now- we are under a new kind of occupation, diplomatic occupation by the People's Republic of China. We have held our referendum and declared our intent to be a free, new, democratic nation that seeks to coexist with all peoples; even China. We do not seek violence, or enemies with anyone, and it is our dream that one day, with enough international support, China will learn how to coexist with Taiwan in peace. However, we ask the members of ECOWAS, to acknowledge our struggles, and understand that our histories is a commonality that we share, but together we should not let our histories determine our freedom, but our actions and commitments to democratic values. We implore the nations of ECOWAS, to follow in the footsteps of Nigeria, and understand that in this world, we- who were once the weak, are only strong together, and can only be heard when we stand together. We need the family of ECOWAS to carry our voice in the UN when the time comes, and we humbly ask that each member open bilateral relations in an act of official recognition."
The Republic of Taiwan stated that given the pursuit of a United States of West Africa, a unique sort of embassy will be constructed for the time being that will take the form of a skyscraper. Each member state of ECOWAS will be given a floor on the skyscraper that will act as their embassy to the Republic of Taiwan, while the building will also be the ECOWAS Headquarters- Republic of Taiwan. The building will be called the African Relations Center in Zhongzheng District, Taipei.
In addition, the Republic of Taiwan is interested in entering a free-trade agreement with ECOWAS, that will include a visa-free regimen for tourism purposes. As western Africa rapidly develops, the Republic of Taiwan anticipates that international business relations and tourism to Africa will become extremely important to the global economy, and is looking to pre-empt the world on a maneuver to start opening up early to ECOWAS in these two ways. ECOWAS is likely familiar, the Republic of Taiwan is a large manufacturing center, one of the most developed in the world, that produces over 80% of the world's semiconductors and consumer electronics. Being able to export Taiwan manufactured goods to the states of west Africa would be beneficial to not only our economy, but create partnerships and relations with African companies where Taiwanese companies will purchase resources from these nations, and goods from the more developed members.
The Republic of Taiwan is further interested in assisting Cape Verde in developing a desalination plant in Prainha near the southern end of the capital Praia. The Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency is interested in collaborating with Nigeria in ECOWAS to ensure the materials and technology can get to Praia, and Taiwan will be providing a team of engineers, and inspectors to ensure its process is smooth, while contributing $1 Bn for two years until the project is complete.
In Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger; Taiwan will assist in developing one water reclamation plant in each of their respective capitals. Desperately needing these facilities for agriculture and home/business usage, these plants will each help further protect both the Niger and Mouhoun Rivers. This will allow this rivers to be used for drinking water, while reclaimed water can be recycled back into agriculture, businesses, and sinks. Each facility, 3 in total, will each receive $1 Bn investment from Taiwan to ensure they can cover as much of each country as possible; once again cooperation with Nigeria will be a cornerstone of this project to be completed in one year if possible.
The Song Zong Medical Research Center will provide ECOWAS members with discounts on Dengue Fever vaccines so that deployment across the jungle areas can be swift and prevent a future outbreak, as they are one of the primarily affected areas outside of South East Asia.

São Tomé and Príncipe

Once departing Nigeria, President Lim will travel to the São Tomé International Airport in São Tomé and Príncipe. São Tomé and Príncipe, like many members of ECOWAS neighboring, has almost no drinking water, and lacks a significant amount of machinery to support their agricultural economy. The Republic of Taiwan is interested in helping São Tomé and Príncipe solve these problems, as no one should have to worry about water supply, and if equipment means it would benefit São Tomé and Príncipe; Taiwan can readily provide. The Taiwanese EPA will assist São Tomé and Príncipe in constructing 4 desalination plants that should provide an ample amount of water supply for their very small population. Two plants will be built near the capital: one in Pantufo, and one in Praia Francesa. While the other two will be constructed in Santo Antonio, to help further the development of the island, Príncipe. Additionally, Taiwan will send $100 Mn worth of agricultural machinery and training personnel to São Tomé and Príncipe so it can be applied to their current system, and effectively used to contribute to their economy.
The Republic of Taiwan has asked São Tomé and Príncipe to formally recognize the Republic of Taiwan as a nation, open bilateral relations, and support the Republic of Taiwan within the United Nations.


After leaving São Tomé and Príncipe, President Lim would arrive at the Nouakchott Airport in Mauritania. Mauritiania, whatever it is, it is the land of abundance: oil, gold, Islam, crime, human trafficking. You could say that whatever Mauritania does, it always strives to be the best at it. Without a doubt, Mauritania relies heavily on China's economy, but that was all part of the Belt and Road Initiative, when the Belt and Road never arrived, Mauritania was left out in the desert to dry, literally. For one reason or another, China never came to Mauritania's aid, and never constructed anything. Much to Mauritania's dismay, they became a literal puppet of China, leeching their economy, for nothing in return. Luckily, the Republic of Taiwan doesn't work like that, and has $6 Bn in projects for Mauritania, to get their development assistance that China never gave them, however, in exchange, it would mean Mauritania would have to switch their trade dependency off of China.
The Republic of Taiwan is interested in assisting Mauritania at every level, if it means that Mauritania would recognize the Republic of Taiwan and receive their much needed aid. Taiwan has proposed two desalination plants, installation of an integrated electricity and sewage system, and the beginnings of wider infrastructural development that would change the lives of every Mauritanian and start catapulting their nation into the modern age.
The first desalination plant would be constructed in Nouadhibou, the second largest Mauritanian city in the north, and of course one in Nouakchott in the south. These desalination plants would process sea water into drinking water, and be spread to the taps of both citizens, so that their citizens would no longer have to boil their water, and could drink purified water from their own homes for the first time, and have running toilets. This construct, if materials are brought in from Morocco or Spain, would cost about $500 Mn each, which is very reasonable.
The Taiwan EPA will assist Mauritania with laying down pipes for clean water and sewage and bring them through neighborhoods in Nouadhibou and Nouakchott. From there, these pipes will be connected to the houses and neighborhoods so that the people of Mauritania in their two largest cities will have working water and sewage systems. To make this work better, two wastewater treatment plants will have to be built in either city, once again costing $500 Mn a piece. The sewage from the neighborhoods will be taken to the waste water plants for cleaning and then can be used for agriculture after cleaning.
To power these new amenities, but to also install reliable household power, Taipower has agreed to build a geothermal power plant in Nouakchott. Mauritania would not be able to create and sustain a geothermal power plant alone, therefore the Taiwanese government is providing Taipower with $4 Bn to build the geothermal plant in Nouakchott to sell to the Mauritanians, and sell to Senegal, Mali, Cape Verde, and Morocco. At the same time, the EPA is going to be working on installing electricity from the plant across Mauritania to their households by laying down power-lines. Taiwan EPA’s goals are to electrify 80% of Mauritania through this project and by supplementing their current energy.
CPC Corporation, is interested in securing a license to conduct offshore drilling for petroleum off the coast of Mauritania. CPC Corporation is interested in unused offshore drilling blocks C14 - C18, and is willing to pay a handsome price to gain access to these fields.
President Lim has asked Mauritania to formally recognize the Republic of Taiwan and set up bilateral relations, in addition to supporting Taiwan’s bid in the UN.


Once President Lim has completed his tour in Mauritania, he will fly to Luanda, Angola and land at Luanda International Airport. Angola and Taiwan, already have a very interesting relationship. In 2020, Angola and Taiwan created a research center in Monongue, Angola; costing $1 Bn to research bat-borne diseases and the Marburg Virus. The Song Zong Medical Research Center- Menongue, still operates to this day, researching cures and treatments for emerging illnesses. President Lim thanked the President of Angola for their continued commitment to global health, and the search for a cure to the world’s most difficult problems. After a decade of cooperative partnership with Angola, the Republic of Taiwan is still interested to deepen their relationship with Angola, and create a friendly productive environment for both nations to assist each other.
President Lim stated that he is aware of Angola’s competence to produce petroleum, diamonds, iron ore, uranium, gold, and other metals that are very necessary to the production of electronic goods. It seems like a match made in heaven, Taiwan is one of the world’s largest producers of semiconductors and other electronic goods, and needs these to continue producing for the world. The Republic of Taiwan is interested in helping Angola invest in more advanced mining equipment and refinery mechanisms so that a free-trade agreement could exist between Angola and Taiwan. Taiwan has proposed sending Angola with $400 Mn worth of heavy machinery for mines, oil refining, and mineral processing.
Additionally, CPC Corporation, Taiwan’s primary offshore petroleum company, is interested in purchasing rights and drilling access to the remaining Angolan blocks. CPC is eager to hire Angolan workers and middle management to work for CPC Corporation, and train Angolan workers in operating and maintaining their oil rigs. CPC Corporation has asked Angola to aim their price on the rights, but has proposed $4 Bn for exclusive access to these blocks.
In addition to the proposed machinery investment, the Republic of Taiwan is proposing to provide Angola with a program to begin overhauling their air-force. To do so, Taiwan is willing to provide 10x F-CK-1 C/D Hsiang Sheng, the last variant of Ching-kuo fighters to Angola. And will provide Angola with a 20% discount off of $25 million for every fighter purchased afterwards. Taiwan hopes that Angola will use the fighter, and become accustomed to its ease of control and effectiveness, and will come back to buy more in the future.
Of course, President Lim has asked Angola to formally recognize the Republic of Taiwan, and open bilateral relations with Taiwan given our warm status, and support Taiwan at a later date when needed to recognize Taiwan as a state in the UN.
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2020.05.29 18:55 Magicspellsbay 2781 494 5258 Algeria love spell astrologer, Angola lost love spell caster, the top native doctor in Benin, Botswana l...

Love Spell Caster: Can They Help You Save Your Relationship?
Fall in love in Africa because some relationships stand the test of time. No matter what they’ve been through, some couples choose to hang in there and weather the storm. For others, challenges shake their relationship to breaking point. That’s when love turns sour and the relationship goes down the drain.
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What is a love spell caster?
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Here are a few compelling reasons for people using mystery potions or
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To improve a relationship’s passion and intimacy.
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To start anew.
Once a person breaks up or divorces a partner or spouse, they can be distant, depressed, or worse, suicidal. This is understandable because going through separation can be quite hard.
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To help you become more desirable.
A lot of people who are shy are anxious about themselves. They also tend to have low self-esteem, making them less desirable to other people. No matter how attractive, smart, or funny you can be, you’ll remain single for the rest of your life if you don’t project a boyfriend-, girlfriend-, or spouse-material image. A trusted love spell astrologer can give you casting love spells so you can find the love of your life in no time.
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2020.05.23 13:10 squalid_iniquity For when people want to deny that Trump could've done more to prevent this from happening...

2014 Ebola outbreak response: "CDC personnel deployed to West Africa to assist with response efforts, including surveillance, contact tracing, data management, laboratory testing, and health education. CDC staff also provided support with logistics, staffing, communication, analytics, and management.
To prevent cross-border transmission, travelers leaving West Africa were screened at airports. Exit screening helped identify those at risk for EVD and prevent the spread of the disease to other countries. The United States also implemented enhanced entry screening for travelers coming from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Mali by routing them to designated airports better able to assess travelers for risk.
During the height of the response, CDC trained 24,655 healthcare workers in West Africa on infection prevention and control practices. In the United States, more than 6,500 people were trained during live training events throughout the response. In addition, laboratory capacity was expanded in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone with 24 laboratories able to test for Ebola virus by the end of 2015."
2015 Zika outbreak response: "At the beginning of 2016, no state had the capacity to test for Zika. Today, 49 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico have this testing capacity. Together with CDC’s Laboratory Response Network, CDC has conducted over 160,000 Zika tests. CDC has also issued over 60 travel notices to inform the public, especially pregnant women, about international destinations and U.S. territories and states where Zika virus is circulating.
Partnerships with and support for state and local health departments has been essential to help address the threat of Zika. To date, CDC has provided $251 million in Zika-specific funding directly to state, local, and territorial health departments through grants. In addition to direct funding, CDC has awarded funding that directly supports state, local, and territorial efforts, including support to partner organizations, vector-borne disease regional centers of excellence, and the Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit. All of CDC’s supplemental funds will be obligated by September 30, 2017. These financial resources are coupled with technical support to states and territories through rapid response teams, as well as laboratory, epidemiologic, entomologic, field investigation, and data management support. In addition, CDC is providing on-going, in-depth support to Florida, Texas, and U.S. territories, where public health officials have found themselves battling local transmission of mosquito-borne Zika.
Collaboration with our sister agencies has also been critical throughout this response. CDC has been working closely with multiple agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and its Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the FDA who are all here today. CDC is also working with partners across the U.S. Government, including the Department of State, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to communicate with travelers and health care providers, update travel alerts and clinical guidance, further our understanding of the Zika virus, and develop improved mosquito-control methods. Finally, CDC has collaborated with a range of private sector and non-profit partners, including organizations ranging from the March of Dimes to public health associations, like the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.
I highly recommend reading the full sources. The Ebola one is especially interesting in that someone got it in December and it spread across countries over the course of 8-ish months... Yet, there were only 4 cases and 1 death in the states. Also, there are no known current outbreaks of Zika... Because measures were taken to contain and prevent the diseases by our leaders heeding the advice of experts.
Here are even more interesting reads on Zika response.
If I am wrong in assuming that Trump has done nothing but silence the CDC and blame everyone else for his failures in leading organizations to stop the spread of this disease, then please show me evidence of what he did to help facilitate controlling Covid. (Other than putting a stop on China travel AFTER airlines already said they would stop flights from there.) I will gladly change my opinion that most of the (nearly) 100,000 dead Americans could have been mostly prevented.
Until then, fuck Covid and fuck Trump. I can't wait for November.
(Sorry for the long post... Needed to vent...)
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2020.05.15 21:32 brantman19 [Diplomacy] This Nigerian Princess is Real

ECOWAS Parliament Abuja, Nigeria
Nigeria’s Private Industry was skyrocketing with success. Proper business practices, investment into improving Nigeria’s key industries, and focusing on the consumer needs of West Africans had contributing to Nigeria becoming the leader of Africa in many ways. It also helped that China’s stewardship and complete destabilization of the world’s peace had backfired and left much of West Africa weary of Chinese influence. That vacuum helped increase the rise of Nigeria’s own industry to fill the gaps and Nigeria’s profit increased along with it. Despite the profits, positive economic growth, rapidly decreasing unemployment rate, and leadership shown by Nigeria, the rest of ECOWAS and West Africa had been slow to follow in their foot steps but Nigeria’s recent efforts to assist her sister nations along the Gulf of Guinea had led to a large increase in Nigeria’s influence and luckily, a warming of relations had shown many leaders in the region that Nigeria was only after the best interests of the people. By pushing investment and business in the same way that it occurred within Nigeria, the other nations could expect similar results to Nigeria. Until recently, this wasn’t possible, but the formation of the ECOWAS Common Market allowed investment so long as the host nation’s law were followed. These laws differed none to Nigeria’s so it was almost like this investment would be occurring on within Nigeria’s borders. Knowing this, Nigerian President Olujimi instructed the federal government to work with ECOWAS to identify key industrial sectors in each nation of ECOWAS as well as to set up businesses that were chartered by ECOWAS but privately controlled and funded by Nigeria. When the time came that these businesses were profitable and Nigeria had made it’s investment back, it would then be turned over to complete private control with the stigma of being chartered. If it worked in Nigeria, it could work anywhere. Upon receiving her findings, Olujimi notified the ECOWAS Parliament of the plan and looked for approval. The following industries would receive funding:
Benin Benin’s economy is already on an upward trend due to investment in petroleum and it’s location near to Nigeria. Key investment into textiles and food processing could be the next economic drivers of it’s economy so $175 million will be invested into several textile manufactories in the nation as well as $450 million will be invested into canning and food processing plants.
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso presents a challenging but lucrative opportunity. On one hand, it does not serve as a good location for agriculture and it’s natural resources are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a strength. It is the most central nation in West Africa and will soon be home to much of the hubs between all corners of ECOWAS as rail and road travel increase. This makes it ideal to be a manufacturing and distribution center for the entire region. $750 million will be placed into several investment projects to develop farm machinery, aviation equipment, advanced engines, locomotive technology, warehousing, and much more to coincide with being this hub.
Cape Verde Most of Cape Verde’s industrial and economic potential is tapped out at this time. The only true opportunities exist in tourism. Thus, a $75 million resort will be established at Fuma on the island of Brava. This resort will focus on ecotourism with scenic views of the Pico de Fugo volcano on Fugo. Due to the lack of an airport on the island, flights will still take place at most Cape Verde airports with ferries increasing to the island. Some development will be possible from the establishment of upcoming military installations.
Future development may involve increasing service sector capability as internet resources are expanded on the islands.
Gambia Gambia’s access to the high flow Gambia river makes the nation ripe for textile and power generation for the northwestern regions of West Africa. Thus investment of $35 million will go into new textiles manufactories in the region as well as the facilities needed for repair of such large machinery. The Gambia River itself will see a small run of the river hydroelectric dam be constructed east of Jajanbureh which should provide the electricity needed to Gambia and Senegal for decades to come. This project will cost $440 million.
Ghana Ghana’s industry is far too advanced to need extra help. Instead, Ghana will be seeing advancement from the combined efforts of the other advancements in industry through trade. Guinea Guinea’s resource wealth is abundant and plentiful but transportation woes have set the industry back. A subsidiary capable of investment into the mines as well as the proper transportation to the primary rail lines will be established with a $250 million investment. Future development in the manufacturing into finished goods of these materials will be explored at a later date.
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau’s potential to become an energy exporter is the primary economic driver for this investment project. $400 million will be invested yearly until 2034 (total $2.4 billion) to create 5 medium sized solar power fields around the nation for domestic and export use. A small $50 million investment will be made into creating a subsidiary to connect the phosphate mines and nearby agriculture to rail lines for export.
Ivory Coast The Ivory Coast has made great strides to try to push itself into an emerging market economy in West Africa. It’s primary set back is that telecommunications have lagged behind but an investment of $1 billion will turn Ivory Coast into a telecommunications player in the near future.
Liberia Liberia’s investment potential is already recognized. By it conforming to the ECOWAS Common Market and Trade Union, it’s profit potential will be increased. Existing investment has already been performed in the key rail infrastructure sector and in the increasing of capabilities of the Port of Robertsport.
Mali Mali’s location and climate give it an enormous potential to be the “Powerhouse of West Africa.” Thus, $8 billion over the next 6 years will be devoted to investment into building solar farms through Mali. As such, Mali will also be increasing it’s manufacturing capabilities with a photovoltaic cell facility in Bamako. Rail transit lines will also increase the ability to get mined material to market and to allow future development opportunities to arise. Internet accessibility in the near future will also spur an increase in the service industry, creating less of a reliance on the agricultural sector.
Niger Niger provides a challenging situation but one in which all of West Africa can benefit. Currently expecting to see rail move from Mali through to Nigeria, Niger will be a crucial middleman in the supply chain. Naturally, transportation hubs will locate along this route allowing increased access to markets for Niger’s goods. The primary economic driver of Uranium does have potential though as Nigeria’s contributions to nuclear energy could be enacted in the northeast wastes of Niger where nuclear facilities cold be placed far from civilization. Further, these wastelands are high in sun hours, allowing renewable solar energy to be placed making Niger a key power link in the chain for West African energy. An investment of $400 million will be made for solar facilities while exploration boards will look to place a $10 billion nuclear power facility in the north of the country over the next 20 years. Meanwhile, a 20,000 oil processing plant will be built and prepared to connect Niger to the pipelines that will soon be stretching throughout the region.
Senegal A $300 million investment into greenhouses and aquaponics will be made in Senegal to help alleviate food importation issues caused by the effects of climate exchange. A single solar farm will also be developed in west of the country to assist with energy shortages. This will be an investment of $150 million. As these come online and blackouts become less prominent, Senegal will be ripe for manufacturing of consumer goods. Existing rail transportation from ECOWAS investment has proven to have picked up trade to other Sub-Saharan nations in the region and has alleviated portions the food crisis. As integration continues, prices of consumer goods in Senegal is expected to drop increasing quality of life.
Sierra Leone A $750 million investment to increase the capacity of Bumbuna dam will rise capacity from 50MW to 400MW. This is estimated to result in savings of $2million a month and provide much higher renewable energy to the nation. Much of the nation is still in recovery 30 years after the civil wars but the mining industry is ripe for $400 million investment to oversee and mine rutile for export to West African partners. This will be made.
Togo Togo’s economy has seen upticks since it’s greater integration within ECOWAS. Agriculture yields have increased while the phosphate market has stabilized and begun marching up in price. Investment will focus on developing the small mining industry of Togo to allow Togo to become the construction equipment and supplier of West Africa. This will be a $600 million investment. Togo will also receive $800 million in investment to push this forward this industry. A $500 million investment will go to complement the telecommunications industry to coincide with the investment in Ivory Coast.
These investments are being paid for by Nigeria over the next 5-6 years. It is hoped that they will have a major impact on economy at local and regional levels. Total investment would be $27.525 billion over this time.
[M] Major econ post of Nigerian investment into ECOWAS with lots of money going into many major industries.
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2020.05.05 19:05 marc1309 Facebook: April 2020 Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report
Summary of April 2020 Findings
This month, we removed eight networks of accounts, Pages and Groups. Two of them — from Russia and Iran — focused internationally (FGI), and the remaining six — in the US, Georgia, Myanmar and Mauritania — targeted domestic audiences in their respective countries (CIB). We have shared information about our findings with law enforcement, policymakers and industry partners.
We know that people looking to mislead others — whether through phishing, scams, or influence operations — try to leverage crises to advance their goals, and the coronavirus pandemic is no different. All of the networks we took down for CIB in April were created before the COVID-19 pandemic began, however, we’ve seen people behind these campaigns opportunistically use coronavirus-related posts among many other topics to build an audience and drive people to their Pages or off-platform sites. The majority of the networks we took down this month were still trying to grow their audience or had a large portion of engagement on their Pages generated by their own accounts.
Networks Removed in April, 2020:
  1. Russia: We removed 46 Pages, 91 Facebook accounts, 2 Groups, and 1 Instagram account. This network posted in Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Serbian, Georgian, Indonesian and Farsi, focusing on a wide range of regions around the world. Our investigation linked this activity to individuals in Russia, the Donbass region in Ukraine and two media organizations in Crimea — NewsFront and SouthFront. We found this network as part of our internal investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior in the region.
  2. Iran: We removed 118 Pages, 389 Facebook accounts, 27 Groups, and 6 Instagram accounts. This activity originated in Iran and focused on a wide range of countries globally including Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, the US, UK and Zimbabwe. Our investigation linked this activity to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation. We found this network as part of our internal investigations into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior, based in part on some links to our past takedowns.
  3. US: We removed 5 Pages, 20 Facebook accounts, and 6 Groups that originated in the US and focused domestically. Our investigation linked this activity to individuals associated with the QAnon network known to spread fringe conspiracy theories. We found this activity as part of our internal investigations into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior ahead of the 2020 election in the US.
  4. US: We removed 19 Pages, 15 Facebook accounts, and 1 Group that originated in the US and focused domestically. Our investigation linked this network to VDARE, a website known for posting anti-immigration content, and individuals associated with a similar website The Unz Review. We found this activity as part of our internal investigations into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior ahead of the 2020 election in the US.
  5. Mauritania: We removed 11 Pages, 75 Facebook accounts, and 90 Instagram accounts. This network originated in Mauritania and focused on domestic audiences. We detected this operation as a result of our internal investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior linked to our past takedowns.
  6. Myanmar: We removed 3 Pages, 18 Facebook accounts, and 1 Group. This domestic-focused network originated in Myanmar. Our investigation linked this activity to members of the Myanmar Police Force. We found this network as part of our internal investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior in the region.
  7. Georgia: We removed 511 Pages, 101 Facebook accounts, and 122 Groups, and 56 Instagram accounts. This domestic-focused activity originated in Georgia. Our investigation linked this network to Espersona, a media firm in Georgia. This organization is now banned from our platforms. We found this activity as part of our investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior publicly reported by a local fact-checking organization in Georgia with some links to our past takedown.
  8. Georgia: Finally, we removed 23 Facebook accounts, 80 Pages, 41 Groups, and 9 Instagram accounts. This domestic-focused activity originated in Georgia. Our investigation linked this network to individuals associated with United National Movement, a political party. We found this activity as part of our investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior in the region. Our assessment benefited from local public reporting in Georgia.
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2020.04.30 23:14 Diotoiren [DIPLOMACY] The Foundations of Continental Unity

The Foundations of Continental Unity

Declaration signed by the following,
Henceforth the members of the African Union who have signed the Declarations which will come to be the Foundations of Continental Unity - shall ensure in no small order the complete assertion of African Independence from Imperialists and Aggressors.
Under no circumstances now or in the future - will the African Continent allow a member or people of Africa to fall to the injustices of Imperialism - nor will we stand idly by as these injustices are committed.
Henceforth the African Union has officially enacted a Declaration of Defense should any African People or Country come under Foreign Imperialism.
No longer will the African Union tolerate or approve of Foreign Imperialists who only seek to use Africa for personal gain.
Further we will officially be announcing the creation of the African Union Defense Force or AUDF - which will act to ensure African Sovereignty. Additionally we will announce and enact the United Front of Diplomacy to be used in times of great crisis.
Statement on Chinese Confucius Institute Operations
From the collective African Union - relating specifically to Kenya, Liberia, Egypt, and Djibouti.
As per Charter Agreements, the African Union but specifically the members of Kenya, Liberia, Egypt, and Djibouti - have thus agreed to end and revoke all Chinese Confucius Institute Operations on African Soil. While China is seen as an important partner to all within the African Union - actions which directly degrade African culture and replace it with foreign culture - cannot be accepted by the very bounds of the African Union Charter.
No further comment will be made.
Let this stand as a testament for African Unity and the African Union - the Strength of the Continent.
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2020.04.15 00:32 pd46lily Storytellers

Humans are a curious race, they are a study in dichotomy of the greatest extremes. When they first came to the Greater Commons attention we didn't think much of them other than that they were a small insignificant blip in the cosmos. Frankly we thought they would become extinct shortly after discovery, they had only just colonized an insignificantly small portion of their arm of the galaxy. We thought that one of the older members would wipe them out shortly, but that never happened.
Not only where they not purged from the universe, they thrived and became one of the most respected members of the Greater Commons. And they did it without ever firing a single shot, harming a single sentient, or signing a single treaty when they first came before the Greater Commons.
They did it through their Elders, and the ones that remembered, the ones that most races dismiss as a burden, if they were even allowed to exist. They were the Storytellers, the ones that remembered and told everything. They were the ones that the Greater Commons didn’t know how to handle.
At first the aggressive races wanted to wipe out this new species on the galactic game board. Their technology was fairly on par with ours, but the Greater Commons species had the significantly larger numbers. The Humans were given the opportunity to ask for protection, instead they sent us recorded remembrance from their elders through several decades.
Ester, Age 87, survivor, Bergen-Belsen:
I was 9 when they came for us. I spent 4 years in the camps, I watched my mother, my sisters and my aunt slowly die of starvation and disease….. [redacted]
Myko, Age 83, survivor, Japanese internment:
I was an american citizen, so where my parents, they took my family's house, my father’s business and told us that we had to go, to move across the country, that we were traitors because of the way we looked…. [redacted]
Walter, Age 79, survivor, Tuskegee experiment:
My father was one of the people they “studied” for this autrocity, we trusted the doctors because they said they were helping us, I’ve never had children because I can’t, I watched my old man get sicker and sicker and my sister die because we trusted the doctors…. [redacted]
Judith, Age 91, survivor, Rwandan Genocide:
They came down the streets and broke into homes with machetes, they hacked people to pieces in front of their family and friends, dozens of people, hundreds of people dead in the streets and in their homes. Mothers, Fathers, babies, it didn't matter who they were or how old, all that mattered was that they were tutsi. The thing is, Hutu or tutsi, it didn’t matter, the only reason there were hutu and tutsi is because some other people said so…… [redacted]
Dauda, Age 68, survivor, Sierra Leone Civil War:
I was 11, soldiers came into my village and rounded up all the boys, they told us we had to fight for the army, if we didn’t they said they would kill us. I told them “No, I don’t want to fight”. They made my mother kneel in front of me and put a gun in my hand, they told me “Shoot your mother or we’ll shoot your brothers and your sisters, then we’ll shoot your mother and you”, my mother told me to shoot her, so my brothers and sister wouldn’t die. I shot my mother so my siblings wouldn’t die and went to be a soldier….[redacted]
Rebecca, age 98, survivor, World War 3:
They cut our food ration to almost nothing, we had already been living underground for 5 years and the food shortages were getting critical, almost ⅔ of the food producing areas were razed to the ground all because some idiot in charge decided he was butt hurt and started a war with someone just as much of an asshole as him, I watched families with small children and no food suddenly have fewer children and more meat. I got so bad that children were openly being sold for slaughter for a few bags of rice or beans… [redacted]
The Greater Commons was shocked and terrified by the stories sent to us by these humans: hundreds of them, thousands of them. At first we thought they were exaggerations, no sentient species could do this to their own. Atrocity after atrocity, depravity after depravity, each story it’s own little piece of torture. But the stories were true, they let our auditors gather the proof. Humans were truly terrifying in their capacity for cruelty and horror. The aggressive species as a whole decided not to take action against humans, if they would do this to their own, what were they capable of doing to others?
But then the non aggressive Species came to the Greater Commons in droves, requesting asylum and protection against this great evil that we had inadvertently found, for surely they would be destroyed by the humans.
Again the humans were asked before to Greater Commons to ask them to refrain from destruction, but again they sent us remembrances.
Elliot, age 92, survivor, wildfires,california:
Everything was on fire, it was like the whole world as on fire. My whole town burned that year, everything, nothing was left standing. 36 people lost their lives from those fires, all of them were jumpers or ladder companies. All of them were volunteers, they didn’t do it for money, they did to help…… [redacted]
Nadja, age 73, survivor, brain tumor:
I was 42 years old when I was diagnosed, by that time I could barely walk anymore, let alone take care of my 3 kids while I was getting treatment. My partner did as much as he could, but he had to work. The closest hospital for my treatment was 2 hours away, I had to travel that 2 to 4 times a week. My neighbor heard about my troubles, she organized 30 or 40 people to come over every day to clean and cook. Then she organized people to drive me to my appointments every week …[redacted]
Min Joon, age 94, survivor, myeloma:
I had bad cancer when I was in my 20’s, they started with all the standard treatments, chemo, radiation,drugs, you name it, they tried it. The only thing those treatments did was slow it down, they said that the only thing left to try was a marrow transplant. My family and my friends all went and got tested even though the test is agonizing, but none of them were a match, seems I had some funky rare thing. My cousin put it out on social media that I needed a transplant and was looking for a donor, we figured we’d get maybe 100 people on the test date. Over 180,000 people showed up to be tested all over the country. That day they found my match, they also found matches for 53 other people…..[redacted]
Emmie, age 31, posthumous, [redacted]:
I make this statement of my own free will, I was not coerced in any way, and am of sound mind and body. I hereby give my permission to doctor [redacted] to remove my [redacted] to replicate and produce a serum and vaccine for the treatment of [redacted]. I understand that having [redacted] removed it will kill me. To date over 380,000,000 have died of this disease and over 300,000 are dying of it each day. I am one of under 100 people immune to this disease and so far the only one to be a universal donor. Mom Emma, Mommy Aggie, I love you both ….. [redacted]
So many stories of kindness, compassion, and even sacrifice for others, thousands of them, millions of them. How could this horror of a species, this great evil, have such compassion for others? Again we sent Auditors to confirm, and again the stories were true. The Greater Commons chose a stance of non interference with the humans, we would let them be, if they did the same.
Then came the great famine of the Entrau. Ecological Disaster destroyed more than 90% of their harvest, but the humans came with food and supplies. They did the same for the Hfjjrnh, and the Gruntima, and the Qerimotsulians, they never asked for anything in return. The Grater Commons again didn't know how to react, Humans interefered, but... they did it with altruism, something that could not be censured.
When the Frinta were discovered by the Sonturans, they “accidentally” forgot to register them with the Greater Commons, they were already in the process of “pacifying” the planet when the humans found out about it. The Frintans now thrive within the Greater Commons, the Sonturansare but a footnote. The humans warned them, told them that the Frinta were now under human protection, they chose not to listen. The next time a new species was discovered and "accidentally" not registed with the Greater Commons, all it took was polite letter writen by a single human child for the species to be registered within the hour.
Storytellers and their envoys are now a common thing among many races, they are some of the most revered beings within this galaxy….
So, now that I have your attention, let me tell you a story
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